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AEROJET DADE: An Unfinished Journey


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In 1961, John F. Kennedy set a goal for the nation; to put an American on the moon and bring them safely home. America’s effort to reach the moon before the Soviet Union prompted a burst of creativity within the space industry. NASA, the U.S. Air Force, and Aerojet General were the key players in the creation of Aerojet-Dade; a state-of-the-art rocket testing facility. This remote complex located just outside the boundaries of Everglades National Park would make strides in our nation’s Solid Rocket Program; closing the space gap with the Russians. History was made when the largest single rockets in the world were test-fired at the Aerojet-Dade facility. Unbeknownst to many, a small town of homesteaders contributed to a highly successful space program that derived the necessary science to develop today’s aeronautic technology. Find out what caused this once cutting edge facility to close, in Aerojet-Dade: An Unfinished Journey.


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